ImageThere’s a palpable shift in Patrick Burke’s tone when he speaks of his younger brother Brendan.  The articulate, confident New England law student and Philadelphia Flyers scout becomes slightly subdued. Gentle, even.

But Burke, 30, is far from the business of gentle. He handpicks players for a National Hockey League team with a legacy of aggression — the Flyers were notoriously dubbed the Broad Street Bullies during their heyday in the early 1970s. He aspires to be the General Manager of an NHL team. His brusque and red-blooded father, Brian, was GM of three teams in his career. Burke knows first-hand the resilience and grit it takes to manage a professional sports team.

Burke calls Brendan his best friend. But his best friend is gone. Twenty-one-year-old Brendan passed away in a car accident on February 5, 2010.

Just three months before his death, Brendan came out to the world as gay in an intensely public way.

At the time, his dad was GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs, one of the most historic franchises in the NHL. Toronto is relentlessly scrutinized by media and followed with diehard passion by its fan base. But instead of hiding from the swarm and speculation that would inevitably follow his father’s high profile, Brendan bravely faced the world with his secret.

He put his story into the hands of ESPN hockey personality John Buccigross in December 2009, who wrote a first-person reflection of Brendan’s coming out to his family.

“Patrick approached me about it and I certainly [knew] the reach of ESPN would benefit Brendan’s message,” Buccigross remembered. “I knew it would be a big deal in Canada since Brian Burke was the GM of Toronto but the impact was a little bigger than I thought.”

Brendan’s coming out sent a jolt through the hyper-masculine hockey world, a sport where there are more gay slurs on the ice than natural front teeth. He’s often considered the first person with such close ties to the NHL to publicly identify as LGBT.

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Bowmanville, Ont. – (May 19, 2013) – David Thorndyke put his auto racing savvy on display in the first race of 2013 NASCAR Canadian Tire season at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

After some testing that provided valuable insight, Thorndyke and his crew were hopeful for a solid opening contest at the Vortex Brake Pads 200 on Sunday. However, qualifying didn’t quite go their way, causing the #67 Lubesource/ Thorsons EVT Chevrolet to line up at the back of the field.

“With the cautions during the qualifying period we just didn’t get our tires up to temperature so we wound up at the back,” Thorndyke explained later.

Once the race kicked off, Thorndyke put the less than desirable qualifying time behind him and focused on his strategy for the main event. #67 made an interesting decision to conserve his tires for the entire race, utilizing his skill to carefully make passes for position while not abusing the vehicle’s tires.

“We knew to make this work I had to be patient and manage the tires,” he said.

Action was plentiful in the early going. #67 made significant gains in the field and pitted early on with the rest of the front-runners for fuel. Thorndyke continued to expertly navigate the Chevrolet through the pack, eventually gaining an admirable 14 positions and crossing the finish line in 14th place.

“There isn’t a mark on the race car, we were competitive and had a good day,” said Crew Chief Adam Thorndyke. “We’ve worked really hard and it took us a while to fine tune the car but I knew when we got it right we’d be really good – and we were.”

Thorndyke and the rest of his team are eager to hit the racetrack again at the Delaware Speedway on June 15.

Bowmanville, Ont – (May 19, 2013) – Lady Luck seemed to hold a grudge against Ron Beauchamp Jr. on opening day of the 2013 NASCAR Canadian Tire Series season.

Hard times for Beauchamp and his team surfaced even before setting foot on the racetrack for the Vortex Brake Pads 200. On the way to the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, the team suffered a flat tire… a sign of things to come.

Beauchamp’s #60 Mopar Parts/Penzoil/Exide Dodge performed well through practice, it felt nearly as fresh as being behind the wheel of a brand new car.  The feeling was short lived, however, as there was a problem with the intake valve in the first lap of qualifying. The vehicle’s speed suffered due to the complication and #60 qualified 22nd for the main event. Ultimately, Beauchamp and his crew made the decision to change engines before the race, relegating #60 to the back of the field.

When the race kicked off Beauchamp found his groove, and he moved inside the top 20.  But before #60 could collect more spots, he made contact with #15, requiring a stop so the crew could make repairs to the body of the Mopar Parts/Penzoil/Exide Dodge. #60 went down a lap but his vehicle sprang to life, helping to catch up with the rest of the field in time to establish himself as a contender.

Beauchamp and his team needed to move forward as quickly as possible, so they strategized to swap out the vehicle’s tires until late in the race. Their theory proved correct, as Beauchamp was quick to collect more spots.

Just as the race became salvageable, #60 broke something in transmission with only a few laps remaining. Beauchamp eventually crossed the finish line in 16th place.

“We had a lot of tough luck this weekend, trouble in qualifying hurt us and then the late malfunction was our breaking point,” he said after the race. “The Mopar Parts/Penzoil/Exide Dodge was quick though. This is a good race car and hopefully we’ve got the bad luck behind us.”

Beauchamp and his team look forward to bouncing back at the Delaware Speedway on June 15.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 11:01 Written by and Photos by Caity Kauffman

The carport in David Gilmore and Barry Feinstein's home was the source of the fire on January 31.Last week, Barry Feinstein and David Gilmore had to explain to their three-year-old granddaughter Zoey what happened to her newly decorated lavender and pink bedroom.

Just after midnight on Jan. 31, two explosions coming from the carport startled the couple, quickly igniting a fire. The flames burned through the main wall that connected the carport to the house and spread through the attic — including little Zoey’s room.

“She has stayed with us every weekend since she was three weeks old,” Feinstein said. “We’re lucky she wasn’t with us that night.”


Neither Feinstein, 64, nor Gilmore, 60, was injured during the fire.

“The house was filled with noxious, black, boiling smoke belching everywhere,” Gilmore explained. “The interior of the house incurred water and smoke damage immensely, and the firemen had to break holes in the ceiling of every room to fight the fire in the attic.”

So far, officials are perplexed at what triggered the blaze and the cause is still under investigation.

Despite the extensive damage, the couple is upbeat and taking the incident in stride.

“We lost nothing important, nothing heartfelt. We were able to rescue everything. It was just fire and smoke damage,” Gilmore said. “After [the fire department] covered the house in foam, we almost threw a foam party afterwards.”

The two credit the quick response of the police, as well as the Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors fire departments.

“The police and fire department could not have been any nicer or more cooperative,” Feinstein said. “We were so pleased.”

Thanks to a realtor neighbor, the couple has settled into a rental while they make repairs to their damaged home, and continue to stay positive as they deal with the aftermath.

“We have been together 34 years, wherever Barry and I are together is home,” Gilmore said. “That is just a house.”


August 18, 2012. Montreal, Que. – Jason White fought hard through a rough ride on the road course at the NAPA Autopro 100 on Saturday at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve behind the wheel of his #21 Bowers & Wilkins at Futureshop Dodge.

White and his team kicked off the weekend with a smooth practice. #21 ran good laps before qualifying, overcoming a few minor issues that popped up along the way. They worked hard to prepare for qualifying, ended up earning the 16th starting position for the race.

As the main event kicked off, White felt he had a strong vehicle – but other cars around him posed a problem.

“Anybody that’s been in the series for a while is patient,” he said later. “But some of the drivers that only run a few races were impatient and it was ridiculous.”

Once the field settled in after a period of unnecessary bumping, White battled hard. He found himself matched up with #90, generating fun racing by going side-by-side for a handful of corners.

#21 fought for every inch of the 100-kilometer race, eventually coming in 13th, up three spots from his starting position.

“I’m really proud of the whole Bowers & Wilkins team and the DJK racing team, they did a great job this weekend,” White said after the race. “I like road racing but I’m looking forward to getting back to the ovals.”

After today’s race, Jason White is ranked #8 overall in the NASCAR Canadian Tire standings with 281 points.

Jason White and the #21 Dodge team will compete in the entire 2012 NCATS schedule that will take the team from coast to coast in Canada for the 12 events.  Next on the schedule; teams head to Barrie Speedway near Barrie, ON September 8th.  For the latest news about Jason White and the #21 Dodge team check out the team website at and be sure to follow Jason on twitter for the latest updates @racinjasonwhite  You can get more information about the NCATS series at

Attached Photo:  Jason White qualifying the #21 Bowers & WilkIns at Futureshop Dodge in Montreal