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Bowmanville, Ont. – (May 19, 2013) – David Thorndyke put his auto racing savvy on display in the first race of 2013 NASCAR Canadian Tire season at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

After some testing that provided valuable insight, Thorndyke and his crew were hopeful for a solid opening contest at the Vortex Brake Pads 200 on Sunday. However, qualifying didn’t quite go their way, causing the #67 Lubesource/ Thorsons EVT Chevrolet to line up at the back of the field.

“With the cautions during the qualifying period we just didn’t get our tires up to temperature so we wound up at the back,” Thorndyke explained later.

Once the race kicked off, Thorndyke put the less than desirable qualifying time behind him and focused on his strategy for the main event. #67 made an interesting decision to conserve his tires for the entire race, utilizing his skill to carefully make passes for position while not abusing the vehicle’s tires.

“We knew to make this work I had to be patient and manage the tires,” he said.

Action was plentiful in the early going. #67 made significant gains in the field and pitted early on with the rest of the front-runners for fuel. Thorndyke continued to expertly navigate the Chevrolet through the pack, eventually gaining an admirable 14 positions and crossing the finish line in 14th place.

“There isn’t a mark on the race car, we were competitive and had a good day,” said Crew Chief Adam Thorndyke. “We’ve worked really hard and it took us a while to fine tune the car but I knew when we got it right we’d be really good – and we were.”

Thorndyke and the rest of his team are eager to hit the racetrack again at the Delaware Speedway on June 15.


Bowmanville, Ont – (May 19, 2013) – Lady Luck seemed to hold a grudge against Ron Beauchamp Jr. on opening day of the 2013 NASCAR Canadian Tire Series season.

Hard times for Beauchamp and his team surfaced even before setting foot on the racetrack for the Vortex Brake Pads 200. On the way to the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, the team suffered a flat tire… a sign of things to come.

Beauchamp’s #60 Mopar Parts/Penzoil/Exide Dodge performed well through practice, it felt nearly as fresh as being behind the wheel of a brand new car.  The feeling was short lived, however, as there was a problem with the intake valve in the first lap of qualifying. The vehicle’s speed suffered due to the complication and #60 qualified 22nd for the main event. Ultimately, Beauchamp and his crew made the decision to change engines before the race, relegating #60 to the back of the field.

When the race kicked off Beauchamp found his groove, and he moved inside the top 20.  But before #60 could collect more spots, he made contact with #15, requiring a stop so the crew could make repairs to the body of the Mopar Parts/Penzoil/Exide Dodge. #60 went down a lap but his vehicle sprang to life, helping to catch up with the rest of the field in time to establish himself as a contender.

Beauchamp and his team needed to move forward as quickly as possible, so they strategized to swap out the vehicle’s tires until late in the race. Their theory proved correct, as Beauchamp was quick to collect more spots.

Just as the race became salvageable, #60 broke something in transmission with only a few laps remaining. Beauchamp eventually crossed the finish line in 16th place.

“We had a lot of tough luck this weekend, trouble in qualifying hurt us and then the late malfunction was our breaking point,” he said after the race. “The Mopar Parts/Penzoil/Exide Dodge was quick though. This is a good race car and hopefully we’ve got the bad luck behind us.”

Beauchamp and his team look forward to bouncing back at the Delaware Speedway on June 15.

August 5, 2012. Trois-Rivieres, Que. – David Thorndyke made a satisfying comeback to the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series on Sunday at Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres for the first time since the opening race of the season.

With lots of time to prepare since their last outing, David Thorndyke and his crew felt confident and ready for the 100 on Sunday. Despite qualifying 29th after Saturday’s practice sessions behind the wheel of their Thorsons EVT Chevrolet, the team was focused on having a solid car to race, not necessarily the fastest.

“I wasn’t worried about our time,” Thorndyke explained. “I knew the car felt good and would race well.”

However the main event on Sunday suffered a setback as a lengthy rainstorm rolled in before the race could get underway. After waiting out the inclement weather on the pit road for two hours, the drivers finally lined back up on the field and fired up their engines.

But for Thorndyke and his team, the heavy rain was worrisome.

“I wasn’t sure how the car would handle with the rain tires,” #67 said. “I decided to take it easy at first.”

As Thorndyke navigated with caution, the Thorsons EVT Chevrolet held strong and he was able to work his way forward in the field.

“The car did whatever I wanted it to, I just had to adjust a little bit but the car worked really well,” Thorndyke said afterwards.

#67 steadily collected spots as the laps elapsed and eventually finished 20th, up six spots from his qualifying start.

“I’m really satisfied with our day today,” he said. “The team did a great job getting ready, the car doesn’t have a mark on it so it’s just a little maintenance before the next race. I’m excited to head to Montreal.”

David Thorndyke and the EVT Chevrolet team will return to action next August 17 & 18 during the NASCAR Nationwide weekend at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, QC.  For more NASCAR Canadian Tire Series information log onto and to learn more about the #67 Thorsons EVT Chevy team go to

July 25, 2012. Saskatoon, Sask. – Jarrad Whissell made big strides behind the wheel of his #44 Komatsu/SMS Ford on Wednesday at the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway despite his limited experience driving oval tracks and mechanical issues halting his qualifying laps.

The first practice session uncovered a problem with the upper control arm, but after making the repairs, Whissell and his crew were reasonably pleased with the times they were recording. However mechanical troubles plagued them again, as the #44 Komatsu/SMS Ford never completed a qualifying lap due to suspension issues again in the right front.

“The problem we had with the bracket in practice caused a failure during our qualifying run, and we broke the sway bar link,” Whissell said. “The guys did a great job to make the repairs and overcome the problem to get the car ready for the race.”

Whissell’s inability to qualify landed him at the back of the field for the main event later that day.

#44 took it easy in the early going of the race as he struggled to collect spots and pass his tough competitors. The long stretch of green and Whissell’s strained passing opportunities caused him to lose a lap early on.

Whissell’s car again showed some instability, when around the lap 80 it began to push. #44 forged on, making his scheduled stop for fuel and handling adjustments. On his second schedule stop, this time for tires, there was a miscue in the pits and Whissell fell behind another lap.

Luckily for #44 and his crew, the Komatsu/SMS Ford ran fast during the end of the race and made up for lost time. Despite losing two laps and the various mechanical issues that sprung up, #44 prevailed and made efforts to finish as strong as possible. Whissell crossed the finish line 11th, up 11 spots from his dead last, 22nd place start.

Jarrad Whissell will race next in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series event during the NASCAR Nationwide weekend in Montreal August 17 & 18.  Follow the progress of the team and help support the Children’s Miracle Network through the team website  You can also follow Jarrad on twitter, @JarradWhissell and also check out the team fan page on Facebook. Fans can watch all of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series races again this year on TSN.



June 3, 2012. Mirabel, Que. – Mother Nature was the top villain at this weekend’s NASCAR Canadian Tire Series ICAR Grand Prix, where Ron Beauchamp Jr. and his #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge crew had to adjust to inconsistent weather conditions to snag a top ten finish at Circuit ICAR.

On Saturday, the team had limited ability to practice due to the rain, but felt the #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge was right on par despite only running a few laps. The crew tightened up the vehicle to prepare for drier weather the next day, adjusting a few items and changing shocks on the Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge. Scattered showers over the track cancelled qualifying, and racers were given starting positions according to the NASCAR rule book.  Beauchamp was assigned the fifth starting position for Sunday’s race.

Sunday, the #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge started off the race with unexpected difficulties, as his crew went a bit too far in tightening the vehicle during practice.  Early on in the race, Beauchamp had difficulties turning the Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge. As he fought through the tighter handling on the vehicle, Beauchamp slipped back in the field and outside the top ten.

“The changes we made to the car were in the right direction, we just went too far” Beauchamp said after the race. ”In the second half of the race, I was able to muscle the car a little better and managed to run better lap times.”

A late race incident slowed the field and setup a green-white-checker dash to the finish.  On the restart several cars collided and #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge was the beneficiary of their misfortune, picking up a few spots. Beauchamp finished the race ninth overall.  “We caught a little break at the end and we’ll take the top ten finish” said the driver.  “I’m looking forward to getting to the first oval race in a couple of weeks” he added.

Ron Beauchamp Jr. and the #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge team return to action June 16th at the oval track at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park near Bowmanville, ON.  For more information about the #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries team log on to and

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May 20, 2012.  Bowmanville, Ont. – Ron Beauchamp Jr. and his team made big off-season adjustments to his #60 and their efforts proved successful at this past weekend’s NASCAR Canadian Tire Series opener.

The team made significant suspension and handling changes to the car over the winter, and were quick through both practice sessions on Saturday. The re-vamped vehicle had a great inaugural weekend of the 2012 season, backing up their successful practice by qualifying 5th for Sunday’s race – Beauchamp’s career-best qualifying effort at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

“Our team worked really hard during the off-season,” said Beauchamp. “New Crew Chief Deon Deneau has us really well prepared for a strong season.”

Beauchamp kicked off the race cruising comfortably with the lead group and easily maintaining his 5th place position. The #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge took center stage during laps 17 through 20, leading the pack while front-runners made pit stops, only surrendering the lead for scheduled stops for fuel and fresh tires.

However, as the end of the race neared, Beauchamp’s #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge suffered handling issues that the driver battled through the final laps. Beauchamp slipped to 7th and eventually crossed the finish line in 11th place – just narrowly missing the top ten.

After the race, triage of the #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge showed a flat tire was the cause of the handling troubles throughout the tail end of the contest.

“It’s kind of frustrating to have such a great race car and not get the finish we were expecting,” Beauchamp said after the race. “But we know that we have a great race car for the road course events.”

Ron Beauchamp Jr. and the #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge team return to action June 3rd at Circuit ICAR in Mirabel, QC.  For more information about the #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries team log on to and

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