I don’t have veins, I have wires.

Technology and media come naturally to me, I’m constantly chasing the latest trends in social media and journalism and learning the newest technologies and programs to stay ahead. I have a fierce belief in the power of social and digital media, and have been known to teach a seminar or two to Journalism students on how to market yourself online.

As the daughter of a tenured radio broadcaster and station owner, my first on-air experience was at age four. When I was 13, I begged my parents for a video camera, computer and editing software. My parents succumbed to my teenage demands, and their investment is still paying off today.

I’m an avid tweeter, hockey fan and legend has it that my iPhone is surgically attached to my palm.

I was recently featured on an episode of BizKid$, an Emmy-winning, nationally-syndicated television show for teens and young adults. Because of my passion for networking and social media, I was featured on the episode “How to Get a Job” in order to share my experiences with kids and help them move forward with their dreams.

I’m a December 2011 graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, and proudly earned the title as the first  graduate (one of only two!) of the FGCU Journalism major.

I’m always looking to connect with new people – and welcome phone calls, emails, Tweets, pokes, instant messages, LinkedIn connections, text messages or even a good ol’ fashioned letter if your laptop battery dies.

Just be sure you message me with proper grammar… or else.


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