Huge Gains for Thorndyke in Season Opener

Bowmanville, Ont. – (May 19, 2013) – David Thorndyke put his auto racing savvy on display in the first race of 2013 NASCAR Canadian Tire season at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

After some testing that provided valuable insight, Thorndyke and his crew were hopeful for a solid opening contest at the Vortex Brake Pads 200 on Sunday. However, qualifying didn’t quite go their way, causing the #67 Lubesource/ Thorsons EVT Chevrolet to line up at the back of the field.

“With the cautions during the qualifying period we just didn’t get our tires up to temperature so we wound up at the back,” Thorndyke explained later.

Once the race kicked off, Thorndyke put the less than desirable qualifying time behind him and focused on his strategy for the main event. #67 made an interesting decision to conserve his tires for the entire race, utilizing his skill to carefully make passes for position while not abusing the vehicle’s tires.

“We knew to make this work I had to be patient and manage the tires,” he said.

Action was plentiful in the early going. #67 made significant gains in the field and pitted early on with the rest of the front-runners for fuel. Thorndyke continued to expertly navigate the Chevrolet through the pack, eventually gaining an admirable 14 positions and crossing the finish line in 14th place.

“There isn’t a mark on the race car, we were competitive and had a good day,” said Crew Chief Adam Thorndyke. “We’ve worked really hard and it took us a while to fine tune the car but I knew when we got it right we’d be really good – and we were.”

Thorndyke and the rest of his team are eager to hit the racetrack again at the Delaware Speedway on June 15.

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